Dream Lover

Last night I dreamed I had a 3 feet penis that I paraded around some nudist spa/cabana/pool resort type place and Katy Perry fell in love with me then I went swimming.


True story.


City Slickers 2: The Search for Curly’s Gold

Curly said it all boiled down to one thing…that one thing was honesty, integrity.


Sometimes we hold back. Sometimes ignorance seems like bliss and sometimes it doesn’t. This would be a time when it doesn’t.


I’m consoling myself in the fact that upon going gluten free it can take months before you balance out and feel normal or better than normal again. I am at week 5 of being as far as I know, 99.9% gluten free. My outlook is like a 5 am, light before the dawn moment. I can see improvement, clarity but the sun’s not up yet and the birds are really pretty annoying. 


I’ve taken to St. Johns wort off and on these last couple weeks with much luck. I’ve got to remember to take it and keep from getting too confident in thinking I don’t need it anymore. 


I feel like my gluten withdrawal is more or less through but now surfacing is the damage done from years of not knowing my sensitivity to the stuff. My brain feels like the aftermath of a war zone and it’s just plain uncomfortable. I want to go someplace where no one will judge or bother me until it’s over. 


“Don’t look at me now, fell too fast your wings won’t hold” – Scott Weiland with Velvet Revolver at the time.


I wish I was being too dramatic, but it’s mildly serious. I’ve gone through years of ups and downs with my depression and general craziness of the head. It’s almost like all that is coming to the surface to be dealt with. If only there could be a permanent cure for these ailments, that would be great. 


I will say though, it’s pretty amazing how St. Johns Wort does the trick in just a few ticks. They say it takes weeks to notice a benefit, but I notice it in about 15-30 minutes. Sometimes it’s just what you need. 


Oi vey

Everything was better in 1991

I watched Party Monster, the after birth of James St. Jame’s brain child, Disco Bloodbath.


Brilliant. But beyond that EDUCATIONAL. Though now dated there was a lot goin on in those club circles that mirrored the festival & rock n roll uprising which I’ve likened to the 60’s. 


I didn’t live it, but from a childs perscpective looking in through the lense of Tokyo Musical journalism and promotion. Naturally I missed a few points. Which is where party monster fits in. Kinda classic given that the co-starring role is played by McKally Caulken, who is about as old as I am in real life. So it sets the stage for an outside looking experience. 


I guess what struck me was how living it all was. This had a pulse, much like the way my rock N roll had a pulse at the time. It was edgey, it was real, it was new. It seemed to have a live of its own.  Something about the times that brought all this expression to the surface. Really infectious. I can’t say I would have been as inspired or inspired at all to play music and be involved had I grown up in the world today, listening and watching the music media that’s out there. Sure the trained eye can find the good bits, but could a 9 year old?


It was a pervasive world of music, freedom & expression that seemed to annoy and confuse all the old people. It was youth, it was fresh, it was not perfect. There was an innocence there, a purity spirit that seemed to say “go for it, this is your life and yours to live”.


Everything was better in 1991

Glutenous freeapous

I am 2 weeks into my gluten free adventure and feeling quite amazing. It was a pretty noticeable shift, which has just slowed its progression recently. Moody, tiredey, feeling blank with bouts of clarity and energy which are slowly winning out over the latter. It’s a ride really. I’ve been changing up my diet for a few months now. It started

English: Company's Website Logo

English: Company’s Website Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

with Vegan, then I did a lemonade cleanse/fast which led me to gluten free. After the cleanse I wanted to keep a very pure diet and gluten free was the way to continue that. I am finding it very easy to adhere to. I think once you familiarize yourself with homemade food from scratch it’s easy to do any kind of diet. Just alter the ingredients to whatever protocol you’re following and bzam! 

Honorable mention, gluten free cookies and the like.


Nothing quite like a sunny Sunday afternoon with nothing to do but write in your blog and work up an appetite for the miraculous stew you got goin’ in the crock. It is my first Sunday off in 3 weeks, having finished my services as temp slave at a downtown convenience store. I am reveling in my return to the foreverland of sensible work scheduals and days off.

This weekend marks my 5th week as a slightly pride bound vegan. I’ve come a long way with it these past few weeks in that I’ve gotten into the habit of preparing and planning my meals ahead of time to the point where when I was asked if I needed anything from the grocery store today I replied honestly “not really, I have my meals planned for the next couple days.”. Stir fry from last night, the rest of the huge stew I’ve been working on all week and the next 12 bean stew I’ve been itchin’ to make for days. I’m good.

I think if you can get over the processed food hump and make your own, vegan eating is not only very healthful, but economical too. I mean this last stew has come out to about 10 hearty bowlfuls and was made for about 5 dollars. It’s the kind of stew that could last one person about a week. Add in some cereal and soymilk for breakfast or latenite snack and you’re cookin with crisco.

But I wanted to make the point about my joints today. You see, for about a year now I’ve had issue with my knees and ankles to the point of not being able to run. I mean I could get around, but I couldn’t run distances. After a month on this vegan diet that has all gone away. To the point where I don’t even think about it. Like Forest Gump today “I just felt like runnin” and I did, 3 miles, NO PAIN.


Consider me a true believer



Lawrence of Arabia

Quality movie, goes on forever, which is fitting given that there is so much desert that goes on forever in this film. Makes me feel like I’m on an epic journey, but without all the sand and sun poisoning. 


This is my first day off in 3 weeks, having just quit my temp job for various reasons. Don’t ask me why but I was working at basically an off the books immigrants store as a clerk. The sort of place that will cheat anybody in anyway they can and is built on that premise. The sort of people that deserve to be screwed over and in a way I guess that’s what I was there for.


and that’s the end of that. 

Public Service Announcements

I just heard my Governor invade my pandora music space with a public service announcement  , informing me of the dangers of reading emails while driving. Emails. Never would have guessed. It seems like a perfectly natural driving side-activity to be doing, but I guess that’s why he’s the Governor and I am not.


This makes me wonder if we are aware of other hidden dangers on the road. I mean, if emailing my coworkers about important business matters whilst on the drive home is dangerous, then what else could be lurking about waiting to bite me on the @$$?


What about book reading or painting? Banjo Playing? All seem perfectly natural to me. I mean I often whip out my banjo and work on my scales as I weave through city traffic, almost without a second thought. As if on auto-pilot I often paint potraits of my passengers without any notion whatsoever that I could be endangering myself or anyone else.


We need to get on this. I propose public service commericials where people are doing things while driving and they get into trouble, because this must be harmful to public safety somehow.


Picture an old Freudian looking gent with an easel and pallet painting the Sistine chapel from memory, while driving to work. Then I don’t know, he runs over a roadside fruit stand.


This is stuff people oughta know and the sooner we get on this, the better I will sleep at night.



Iodine Angry

Now I have valid to me reasons for getting upset with customers today…and yesterday, but there’s a sense of being a little more on edge. Overall I am calm but my tolerance for BS seems reduced by about half, which in the business of downtown convenience stores is well, notable.


I still feel like I’m on the right track with the whole iodinization project. With a history of smoking and anti-depressant use, both known iodine displacers which leave such elements in the body for a long time, I think Medium to high dose Iodine therapy is in perfect order.


I did this in the past and noticed an ease in losing weight and better mental outlook, a feeling of detoxification as if some missing link had been discovered and utilized. But then I went travelling and left my iodine at home never to pick it up again until a few days ago.


Quickly I’m beginning to see the light again, missing link lost…and found. 


Now for a quick little example of what I’m on to here, allow me to introduce to you…The Japanese.


Those living in Japan are among the worlds top consumers of Tobacco products. They can smoke with the best of us, but get this…they have some of the lowest rates of heart disease and cancers of the upper body. How can this be? This goes against everything American Medicine teaches us. 


Well, the Japanese are also the worlds greatest consumer of seaweeds and notable consumers of soy.

It is said the average daily intake of Iodine in Japan is some 1000% greater than in America.

Now, much of this is from natural seaweed and sea creature sources whereas in America it comes from mostly iodized salt.


I believe there is importance in this as studies have shown Iodine to be better utilized by the body when combined with certain other nutrients, nutrients found naturally occurring in Sea Weeds. 

Now, if your body is used to a low level of iodine it is important to gradually increase your intake as too much too fast can be uncomfortable and cause detox reactions and what not. Basically it will make you irritable and anxious, generally uncomfortable. I use this feeling as my gauge, I try to stay just below this level at best.

Not too much, not too little, increase dosages gradually.


I also believe in getting a variety of sources. I currently am on potassium Iodide drops with mineral complex and I’ve incorporated kelp into my diet. It is quite salty so I rinse it off when eating it raw or add it to soups as a salt substitute, unrinsed.


I feel spectacular and have  a sense that this is indeed a missing link in the quest for longevity and health.


Over and out for now



Captains Blog, Star Date: 4-4-2013

The vast geocentric landscape I’ve found myself in is proving to be quite stable, which came as a surprise given the state of the region less than one year ago. Never the less I am settling into a routine that fits my sensibilities and psycho-physical ability. Music piped in from radio wave internet keeps the mood in check. I can go crazy, if the elevator tries to bring me down or I can coast on something smooth and nice from the earth years of 1960-90. Fascinating technology on this planet in its current day. Really a benefit to life and its enjoyment. It’s almost hard to believe there was once a more primitive way. A time where one would just sit in place all day, arranging small items on shelves, humming to themselves, waiting for customers to occupy their attention. *laughs* ahh primates, you have come a long way from the stupid ages.


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