Captains Blog, Star Date: 4-4-2013

The vast geocentric landscape I’ve found myself in is proving to be quite stable, which came as a surprise given the state of the region less than one year ago. Never the less I am settling into a routine that fits my sensibilities and psycho-physical ability. Music piped in from radio wave internet keeps the mood in check. I can go crazy, if the elevator tries to bring me down or I can coast on something smooth and nice from the earth years of 1960-90. Fascinating technology on this planet in its current day. Really a benefit to life and its enjoyment. It’s almost hard to believe there was once a more primitive way. A time where one would just sit in place all day, arranging small items on shelves, humming to themselves, waiting for customers to occupy their attention. *laughs* ahh primates, you have come a long way from the stupid ages.


Tag words: Aromatic Genie from Space signs up for blogging account, destroys competition. Enjoys the oldies. Travelers checks not accepted.




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