Iodine Angry

Now I have valid to me reasons for getting upset with customers today…and yesterday, but there’s a sense of being a little more on edge. Overall I am calm but my tolerance for BS seems reduced by about half, which in the business of downtown convenience stores is well, notable.


I still feel like I’m on the right track with the whole iodinization project. With a history of smoking and anti-depressant use, both known iodine displacers which leave such elements in the body for a long time, I think Medium to high dose Iodine therapy is in perfect order.


I did this in the past and noticed an ease in losing weight and better mental outlook, a feeling of detoxification as if some missing link had been discovered and utilized. But then I went travelling and left my iodine at home never to pick it up again until a few days ago.


Quickly I’m beginning to see the light again, missing link lost…and found. 


Now for a quick little example of what I’m on to here, allow me to introduce to you…The Japanese.


Those living in Japan are among the worlds top consumers of Tobacco products. They can smoke with the best of us, but get this…they have some of the lowest rates of heart disease and cancers of the upper body. How can this be? This goes against everything American Medicine teaches us. 


Well, the Japanese are also the worlds greatest consumer of seaweeds and notable consumers of soy.

It is said the average daily intake of Iodine in Japan is some 1000% greater than in America.

Now, much of this is from natural seaweed and sea creature sources whereas in America it comes from mostly iodized salt.


I believe there is importance in this as studies have shown Iodine to be better utilized by the body when combined with certain other nutrients, nutrients found naturally occurring in Sea Weeds. 

Now, if your body is used to a low level of iodine it is important to gradually increase your intake as too much too fast can be uncomfortable and cause detox reactions and what not. Basically it will make you irritable and anxious, generally uncomfortable. I use this feeling as my gauge, I try to stay just below this level at best.

Not too much, not too little, increase dosages gradually.


I also believe in getting a variety of sources. I currently am on potassium Iodide drops with mineral complex and I’ve incorporated kelp into my diet. It is quite salty so I rinse it off when eating it raw or add it to soups as a salt substitute, unrinsed.


I feel spectacular and have  a sense that this is indeed a missing link in the quest for longevity and health.


Over and out for now




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