Public Service Announcements

I just heard my Governor invade my pandora music space with a public service announcement  , informing me of the dangers of reading emails while driving. Emails. Never would have guessed. It seems like a perfectly natural driving side-activity to be doing, but I guess that’s why he’s the Governor and I am not.


This makes me wonder if we are aware of other hidden dangers on the road. I mean, if emailing my coworkers about important business matters whilst on the drive home is dangerous, then what else could be lurking about waiting to bite me on the @$$?


What about book reading or painting? Banjo Playing? All seem perfectly natural to me. I mean I often whip out my banjo and work on my scales as I weave through city traffic, almost without a second thought. As if on auto-pilot I often paint potraits of my passengers without any notion whatsoever that I could be endangering myself or anyone else.


We need to get on this. I propose public service commericials where people are doing things while driving and they get into trouble, because this must be harmful to public safety somehow.


Picture an old Freudian looking gent with an easel and pallet painting the Sistine chapel from memory, while driving to work. Then I don’t know, he runs over a roadside fruit stand.


This is stuff people oughta know and the sooner we get on this, the better I will sleep at night.




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