Nothing quite like a sunny Sunday afternoon with nothing to do but write in your blog and work up an appetite for the miraculous stew you got goin’ in the crock. It is my first Sunday off in 3 weeks, having finished my services as temp slave at a downtown convenience store. I am reveling in my return to the foreverland of sensible work scheduals and days off.

This weekend marks my 5th week as a slightly pride bound vegan. I’ve come a long way with it these past few weeks in that I’ve gotten into the habit of preparing and planning my meals ahead of time to the point where when I was asked if I needed anything from the grocery store today I replied honestly “not really, I have my meals planned for the next couple days.”. Stir fry from last night, the rest of the huge stew I’ve been working on all week and the next 12 bean stew I’ve been itchin’ to make for days. I’m good.

I think if you can get over the processed food hump and make your own, vegan eating is not only very healthful, but economical too. I mean this last stew has come out to about 10 hearty bowlfuls and was made for about 5 dollars. It’s the kind of stew that could last one person about a week. Add in some cereal and soymilk for breakfast or latenite snack and you’re cookin with crisco.

But I wanted to make the point about my joints today. You see, for about a year now I’ve had issue with my knees and ankles to the point of not being able to run. I mean I could get around, but I couldn’t run distances. After a month on this vegan diet that has all gone away. To the point where I don’t even think about it. Like Forest Gump today “I just felt like runnin” and I did, 3 miles, NO PAIN.


Consider me a true believer




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