Glutenous freeapous

I am 2 weeks into my gluten free adventure and feeling quite amazing. It was a pretty noticeable shift, which has just slowed its progression recently. Moody, tiredey, feeling blank with bouts of clarity and energy which are slowly winning out over the latter. It’s a ride really. I’ve been changing up my diet for a few months now. It started

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English: Company’s Website Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

with Vegan, then I did a lemonade cleanse/fast which led me to gluten free. After the cleanse I wanted to keep a very pure diet and gluten free was the way to continue that. I am finding it very easy to adhere to. I think once you familiarize yourself with homemade food from scratch it’s easy to do any kind of diet. Just alter the ingredients to whatever protocol you’re following and bzam! 

Honorable mention, gluten free cookies and the like.


One thought on “Glutenous freeapous

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