Everything was better in 1991

I watched Party Monster, the after birth of James St. Jame’s brain child, Disco Bloodbath.


Brilliant. But beyond that EDUCATIONAL. Though now dated there was a lot goin on in those club circles that mirrored the festival & rock n roll uprising which I’ve likened to the 60’s. 


I didn’t live it, but from a childs perscpective looking in through the lense of Tokyo Musical journalism and promotion. Naturally I missed a few points. Which is where party monster fits in. Kinda classic given that the co-starring role is played by McKally Caulken, who is about as old as I am in real life. So it sets the stage for an outside looking experience. 


I guess what struck me was how living it all was. This had a pulse, much like the way my rock N roll had a pulse at the time. It was edgey, it was real, it was new. It seemed to have a live of its own.  Something about the times that brought all this expression to the surface. Really infectious. I can’t say I would have been as inspired or inspired at all to play music and be involved had I grown up in the world today, listening and watching the music media that’s out there. Sure the trained eye can find the good bits, but could a 9 year old?


It was a pervasive world of music, freedom & expression that seemed to annoy and confuse all the old people. It was youth, it was fresh, it was not perfect. There was an innocence there, a purity spirit that seemed to say “go for it, this is your life and yours to live”.


Everything was better in 1991


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