City Slickers 2: The Search for Curly’s Gold

Curly said it all boiled down to one thing…that one thing was honesty, integrity.


Sometimes we hold back. Sometimes ignorance seems like bliss and sometimes it doesn’t. This would be a time when it doesn’t.


I’m consoling myself in the fact that upon going gluten free it can take months before you balance out and feel normal or better than normal again. I am at week 5 of being as far as I know, 99.9% gluten free. My outlook is like a 5 am, light before the dawn moment. I can see improvement, clarity but the sun’s not up yet and the birds are really pretty annoying. 


I’ve taken to St. Johns wort off and on these last couple weeks with much luck. I’ve got to remember to take it and keep from getting too confident in thinking I don’t need it anymore. 


I feel like my gluten withdrawal is more or less through but now surfacing is the damage done from years of not knowing my sensitivity to the stuff. My brain feels like the aftermath of a war zone and it’s just plain uncomfortable. I want to go someplace where no one will judge or bother me until it’s over. 


“Don’t look at me now, fell too fast your wings won’t hold” – Scott Weiland with Velvet Revolver at the time.


I wish I was being too dramatic, but it’s mildly serious. I’ve gone through years of ups and downs with my depression and general craziness of the head. It’s almost like all that is coming to the surface to be dealt with. If only there could be a permanent cure for these ailments, that would be great. 


I will say though, it’s pretty amazing how St. Johns Wort does the trick in just a few ticks. They say it takes weeks to notice a benefit, but I notice it in about 15-30 minutes. Sometimes it’s just what you need. 


Oi vey


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